Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holy Cow!

Another week, another post.  Can't keep up the daily thing, although I regret it because I like having a reference to things and after so many days have passed, I forget most of what I wanted to write.  I even made some notes......they're around here somewhere....... LOL

My last post was  in regard to trying to de-clutter and reorganize "My Room".  Well, some of it is done and some is not.  No big deal.  It will happen.  Actually the knitting bug that bit me back in May has been taking over and I've been a knitting fool, with some occasional reading tossed in the mix.  Why I've even been in the kitchen more and much to Chuck's delight he has recently consumed 2 batches of cookies and a cake! He's been like a kid, so excited that I have felt like baking again.  LOL

During that time frame my PC was in the hospital.  A bad storm and power outage zapped my network adapter and the  apparently my battery back up was dead and I didn't know it and the abrupt shut down corrupted my OS and blah, blah, yada, yada.  The poor battery backup is about 12 years old and was located in an out of the way place so that I never noticed that the lights were off and that it was simply functioning as a $150 power strip!  Got a shiny new one, and it's placed right where I can see it!  I found a great local repair shop and at first I was not pleased with them because they 'missed something' but they went above and beyond to make it up to me, so all is well.  I had my laptop, but am rather limited with what I can do on it (with my photos, bookwork, etc.) thus I had more knitting time.

I have several knitting projects I want to complete before December and a sewing project or 2 as well, but I am just not as enchanted with sewing as I once was.  Once I get a table cleared off and my Embroidery Machine stuff put away, I can get working on a couple quilts as well.  Chuck keeps reminding me to not be so hard on myself for the things that I can't do around the house and do just relax and let myself DO and ENJOY the things I want to do, because for all intents and purposes I am 'retired'.  I think it's beginning to sink in.  I have spent far too much time simply lost in thought trying to come to terms with all the changes in my life and wasting too much energy on the negative.  I think I'm on the way back up the hill out of my black hole.

Well, heck!  I started this like, Wednesday I think, and never finished or posted it.  Duh.  I was just about to start a new post, but will toss this out there and write one later.  I'm off to get ready to go shopping with Victoria!  My 1st outing of it's kind.  Let's hope I hold up.  My Vicodin is going into my purse as soon as I hit the Publish button :)


l'empress said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can't keep up the daily either. That's why I started keeping a document of small comments, which I publish in a bunch when there are a couple of pages. (The pages add up faster because they're full of html code; I have to have my fun too.)

I found that trying to be active on FB just spoils my writing and my enjoyment. Some people can do both, but I'm just not one of them. Or maybe I'm just not a FB kind of girl.

Mama-Monroe said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates


I enjoy FB because I get to interact with a lot more people. I really do miss all the blogs that I used to read daily. So many bloggers just aren't writing any more.

I've been making notes of things I want to blog about when I get around to it, but then they get lost in the shuffle or the backside becomes a grocery list or something. LOL You definitely have the right idea writing a bit at a time.

Terri said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My Pc was just released from the service center too. Trying to get caught up on some blogsites. Glad you see some light at the end of the tunnel. Chuck is right, adjusting to a retirement takes time and then you had all the surgeries to deal with as well. I'm sure if you bake every week, it will make Chuck happy. Find the enjoyment where you can....

poundheadhere said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I write for my own sake - don't get may readers any more and definitely not many comments. Don't know which direction that will take.

Be glad you can do what you do - you're lucky in that respect. There are plenty of disabled folks who, for financial or physical reasons, couldn't sew or anything else productive.